Saturday, April 07, 2012

Someone at work was getting rid of a huge number of books, and Geoff picked up twenty or so, and therefore I am reading Lord of the Flies for the first time, and it's killing me, because I want so badly to step in and provide limits and perspective and hugs, plus wanting to smack a couple of the boys hard. It would be good for them.

Also thinking about viciousness in memoirs and grammar, because Geoff's reading The Stuff of Thought, by Steven Pinker. Baby screaming. Oh, dear. Are you being abused again? That's sad. Oh, by being held and snuggled? What a hard life you have, Miriam.

Thomas is currently obsessed with knee hygeine. He requires that I wipe his knees off after every meal, and points out his knees to passing strangers. Kids are weird. He's also been rearranging the girls' clothes into my drawers several times a day. Right now he's pulling out all their shirts and dresses and stuffing them into my sweater drawer. It's okay- they hardly ever wear anything but sleepers yet.

Aaagh, sounds like he's helping with the dishwasher and I should go help Geoff.

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