Sunday, April 08, 2012

We made it to Mass!

Okay, we left after the Gospel due to crashing blood sugar, late Mass-start, and the need to feed Nathaniel and find something for Thomas to do, but... we made it! To Mass! Christ is risen!

And now for a pre-fab Kyra-didn't-cook dinner, or rather me reading blogs with a third of a brain because the girls were up about twenty times last night, and the boys are currently watching a movie I haven't screened because I feel small-childed-out.

Nat's eaten half his Easter bunny already.

Oh, before I go- Nat's been hit with this weird wave of nostalgia for the Way Things Used to Be, probably connected to the girls, but very funny all the same. He places this idyllic past, when he was a baby and everything was perfect, in last July, and he's always talking about how good everything was then, and how he wishes it was last summer. I'm going to teach him to recite Fern Hill. It's just right for him.

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