Sunday, April 15, 2012

We went to the drop-in centre yesterday, all of us, all six, and had quite a good time. The girls got passed around a bit, and we met another mom of twins, who took our phone number and is going to come over and help and take Nat to the park. Listening to her story (she had twins first) made me so, so glad that they're number three and four for us.

After that, an exciting lunch at McD's, home for collapse, out to help Jocelyn and Madeline move dirt, off for ice cream, and home for a visit with Cynth and Stuart, who made pasta carbonara, which I should make every other day for the rest of my life.

It was a very busy day, and the girls were up between three and four, so today I think we'll hang around home quietly. I feel really dizzy. That was the most outside time I've had since December that hasn't been at the hospital.

Anyone got any tips on helping a four-year-old obey instead of run and hide, giggling? So we don't kill him?

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