Monday, May 28, 2012

The babies don't love me much but they slept a little better and didn't get up till five, which is not too bad, since they'll go back to sleep in an hour.

Do you follow Dorian Speed? I like her very much, and this post about fetishizing authenticity will have me thinking all day, insofar as I can think.

Our friend Travis, whom we haven't seen for five or six years, is coming to visit with Hugh and possibly Cheryl today, and I should ask them when they're showing up for dinner, and prepare him mentally for meeting our minions. Gin helps.

Geoff and I have spent the last many many hours watching Deep Space Nine, and it might be saturation talking, but it's not bad. I still prefer Firefly and Doctor Who, but I can't watch Firefly with the kids around. Nat's been talking about the difference between space stations and spaceships and about wormhole colours, and he can use the words, "stupendous' and 'magnificent' in conversation, so clearly our educational work is done and we can rely on Gene Rodenberry instead of actually educating him.

The boys are going to my parents today. I'm going to sleep and clean, if the girls will permit me. I wrecked up my knee somehow yesterday so that sadly prevents a lot of floor-scrubbing, but I can still tidy. If I feel like it.

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