Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Geoff is at the dojo, and the girls are swaddled in their crib, telling me off. They don't love me at all. Pick us up, pick us up, pick us up! They're really tired, so I'm hoping they'll quiet down on their own instead of with forty minutes of bouncing, like usual. I love them, but it's been a long day, one of them has been awake nearly all the time (they alternate Miriam awake, Elizabeth awake, Miriam awake) and I'm really tired of holding babies.

Hey, they're quieter! Awesome!

Nope, false hope. Shucks.

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so many things to love... said...

I am also a terrible and cruel mother. I put Samuel in his room, close the door so he can't get out, put Clara in her crib, and then vacuum until I can't hear them anymore. Now, to be fair, Samuel has, like, a Toys R Us in that bedroom and Clara is exhausted - but my vacuum is very loud, and I love it.