Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The girls went to sleep and then stubbornly woke up again and I couldn't settle then till after ten, Nat woke up and wanted water, and then had a tantrum when Geoff offered to get it for him instead of me, woke a second time at midnight and refused to let me go back to bed without argument, Thomas woke at 3:30 and wanted his diaper changed, and I think I have fun hallucinogenic patterns in the edges of my vision.

On the bright side, my parents are taking the boys for today, and if the shipment of paving stones comes early enough I might be able to leave the girls with a sitter and leave the house for a couple of hours. This happens rarely. Also, if the boys aren't here when the girls sleep I can sleep. My plans for the day were getting simpler and simpler throughout the night.

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