Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here and still alive. For anyone who books the face, Geoff may look sort of like Commander Riker but he acts more like Odo, minus the dissolving into goo. We've been watching Deep Space Nine during the screamfest every night, and we're enjoying predicting the plots- "Ooh, there was ominous music! I bet the Bajoran homeworld will be in danger from the photongammavoltaicneutro particles the Cardassians emit during Trill arguments!"

It makes for nice entertainment- we ca mostly predict what's going to happen, so we don't get annoyed in spite of the screaming interruptions.

The kids and I watched the Babies documentary yesterday. It was very cute. Nat now thinks that Africans live at the zoo, because he doesn't have any concept of Africa as a separate continent. The kids liked all the animals  roaming around in Mongolia and Namibia, and Nat enjoyed pointing out when the babies weren't behaving.

He's off with my parents today. I think I'll tr to spend every spare minute sleeping.

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Tristian said...

My favorite Star Trek game is to watch what Riker is doing when he isn't the focus of attention.

It inolves alot of him trying to look like he knows what's going on, but mostly failing.

Also I had a run in with a house centiped this morrning. He was climbing the door frame of our front door.

I put my helmet on befor going outside.