Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hitting a kind of Cooking Depression again. I think what I want to eat is fundamentally out of whack with what I have been cooking/eating. I want salad and sandwiches and junk food, and I've been doing heavy, starchy main dishes, mostly because they're cheaper. No one has been enthusiastic, and I think we're going to go homemade junk/salads/tacos/sandwiches for a while. I'm also going to ask Geoff (this will be painful for him- he doesn't really notice food much)  if he could think of things he likes to eat, and I'll make them.

And resolutely ignore the little food critics. I really want to do a lot more vegetables, but the only ones Nat likes are cucumber, corn, and broccoli. Sometimes carrots. Must Not Get Emotionally Invested in the Food I Feed Nat, who will quite happily eat peanut butter sandwiches for the next ten years.

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