Thursday, May 03, 2012

Should be cleaning up from dinner while Geoff puts the boys to bed, but both the girls are napping and I'm enjoying the quiet. We've had a really good day here. Yesterday was pretty bad from lack of sleep and babies who were awake all the time, but today the girls got up at four and went back to sleep from five till eight, the boys slept in, Stuart's parents came over, cleaned almost everything and helped entertain and hold the kids, and Phyllis and I scrubbed and organized.

The floor is clean. I get very ansty if the floor is dirty.

Jim and Jean took five bags of stuff to Value Village for me. We have a lot fewer toys.

I got nearly enough sleep.

Life is a lot better than it was yesterday. Oh, and Nat has recently sounded out 'boy', 'tabasco', and 'step'. It's very exciting. If I can just pin him down when the chaos isn't overwhelming and he feels like reading, and get him to start picking out words in a book. That would be great, and I think he could do it easily.

Geoff just built a raised planter out front and as soon as it freaking stops snowing I'm going to plant my herb and strawberry bed. NO MORE SNOW!

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