Friday, June 15, 2012

Because I own part of my brain today, I'm going through a "we have boring snacks" crisis, plus a "Mother's fallback snacks are cake, chocolate, and cookies" crisis.

So, things we need or should pick up (look, this preys on my might, okay? I have to do three kid-snacks a day, plus my help-low-blood-sugar crashes [which are not a joke. I've tested using Nat's monitor and my blood sugar can fall to 3.1, which is out of range for an adult]):

Veggie chips (of some sort. There's a recipe from Mark Bittman but I think I'll buy them)
Finger-friendly cereal
Popcorn (will make and store)
Corn chips
Granola cookies (must develop sneaky recipe full of healthy things)
Peanut butter pretzels
Bread (should bake some bread. Thomas and I eat a lot of bread)
Frozen Mango

Things the kids won't eat: raw veg, most dried fruit, most nuts although Nat waffles about nuts. I try to keep it fairly low GI so applesauce is out and sliced cheese is in. Also it's mostly low-mess because I am not giving Thomas yogurt and watching him take off, thanks.

I'd really like to do a bunch of roasted vegetables and keep them in the fridge for me. I am not an instinctive eater of lots of raw vegetables, but I could easily down a batch of granola cookies or cheese and bread and roasted zucchini.

We also go through lots of goldfish crackers, bananas, and cheerios. Oops, Geoff is home.  I should look busy. :)


annsy said...

What about hard-boiled eggs? My Jonah just decided he liked them. Well, the white part, anyway. :)

lissla lissar said...

Nat's on an egg strike. Kids are so weird.