Saturday, June 23, 2012

Geoff has left, and the kids are out on the deck with two water containing devices- a big bin, and a drinks cooler. A lot of my mothering consists in providing something fun to play with, and then leaving them alone with it. If I hang around I start wanting to correct them about how they're playing, and this seems counterproductive to me unless you're doing organized sports. If they're playing with water, they're supposed to play, not have me hanging over them being neurotic and controlling (which is what I would do, out of boredom).

This is all an excuse for me sitting quietly reading while they try to drown each other, of course.

Girls had a pretty bad night, and Geoff is effectively gone until Sunday night, so my plans look like- do the normal chores, eat a lot of junk food and crackers (Nat can have crackers and peanut butter for lunch, O Happy Day!) order pizza, and give the boys stuff to do which doesn't make much mess. And hang on. My parents are coming over to help with dinner and bedtime, and they'll be here about five-thirty.

Time to make a grocery list for the week, right? And menu plan. And chores list.

Should give Thomas another terrible haircut today, if I trust myself with scissors.

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