Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Just wanted to say (in spite of near-total brain death from alternately crying babies) I really liked this post by my darling husband, about witnessing a fight down on Queen St.

Geoff's going for his third degree black belt equivalent in tai chi at the end of this month, and because we're nuts and wish to share the sleeplessness, we're apparently getting a German teenage boy to live with us for the months of July (mid-July) and August. I hope he's interested in martial arts. Most teenage boys are, right? Even the ones who never actually get off the couch except to scarf food (teenage boy style).

Geoff will again come under the delusion that he speaks German (had problems with that on our honeymoon) and I'll agonise about not baking the right kind of bread.

All typos are because the girls cleverly alternated who was crying for the hours between nine and twelve, and then woke every hour after that. Smart babies. Organized.

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