Friday, June 01, 2012

Thomas has moved the shoe rack out so he can play with the- what's it called?- the sproingy door-stopper thingy. He's not allowed to do that, but it's been the kind of day where I don't care. Actually, it's been the kind of day where I was walking the floor with both babies just after lunch crying from being so tired, with Nat trailing me saying, "It's okay! I'm here. And so is Frog!"

I am planning on letting the girls cry to sleep tonight in the hope that sleep will go back to being four-hour blocks, instead of wanting to nurse every ten minutes.

It's a miracle that I haven't completely lost it at any of the kids yet today, although there's still bedtime.

It Could Be Worse (thank you, Simcha Fisher!) because no one has thrown up yet today. We've had three people throw up in the last week and a half, plus two babies with colds, plus Nat's blood sugar has been insanely high all day, so he's screamy and frenetic.

I am going to survive.

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