Friday, July 13, 2012

Having a Bad Day. I think everyone else is okay but I feel sick and depressed and claustrophobic and self-pitying. On the bright side, Thomas spent some time today washing a potato on the deck.

Geoff has been reading about Hollow Earth theory. It is nutbar. He says the book he's reading has a lot of statements that are about as logical as, "I saw someone walking on the street. Clearly it means they're coming and they're going to give me a pony and a million bucks". Things like The Eskimos say they came from the ice. Clearly that means that they're long-lived alien people from the centre of the Earth. Right, guys.

Nat and Thomas are hypnotized by Phineas and Ferb right now, pizza is being delivered, and Geoff is gone to teach. Huh. Nat just asked if we have any rice pudding, and is now crying because we don't. I don't even think he likes rice pudding. Why is he so weird?

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