Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our neighbour has been clearing out her mother's house, and yesterday night brought over a large number of dolls, two doll beds, a bassinet, and two doll high chairs. Thomas is sure the dolls are monsters, and I'm not sure he's wrong. Dolls with eyes that open and close are creepy.

Nevertheless the chairs and beds have been a great success. I'm hoping having the dolls will calm down Thomas's aggressive affection towards the babies.

Yesterday was good, although Geoff tried to get down to church to do Confession and watched two packed buses go past him and gave up, and next weekend it's Jazzfest. Maybe he could call and schedule a different time?

Miriam was up a lot last night, I am fried, and only grim determination, Coke and tea, and my children's cuteness will get me through. And the grace of God, which gives me enough oomph to get through individual moments but doesn't provide me with perfect health and energy.

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