Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying very hard to make a Costco list, which means figuring out what I want to eat, what everyone else will eat, what goes into said items, and what we should have as fallbacks. This plus trying to add as many attractive vegetables as possible to everyone's diets and making my kneejerk impusle to serve a large plate of starch with some fat added a little less... noticeable.

To help me with this task I have Nat interrupting every minute and Miriam in my arms. Right now she's licking my arm and making comments about it.

This does not help my thought process! I do not want to come back from the store with $400 worth of stuff and have no clue what to do with it!

So, things I'd like to make or should make because we have some ingredients available:

Chili (Geoff doesn't like it straight but it goes into nachos and enchiladas no problem)
Granola (eat it for breakfast, make cookies from it, take some to Judith)
Roasted carrots (attempt to force veggies into children)
Mushroom pasta
Pasta carbonara

Thinking about trying to do a paleo-style cookup although we are not paleo at all. Damned if I am ever giving up sugar and flour. I would like to shred or cop up some vegetables. Everyone is asleep- best do it now!

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