Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First, I think we need some squirrel briefs.  I think they'd be educational. Trying to get a squirrel into them would combine exercise, dealing with frustration, first aid, and probably rabies shots. Fun all round!

Second, I am trying to think of new low-mess educational activities that the boys won't turn into WWIII. Stringing big pasta on yarn might be okay. Sorting shapes might work. Cutting out food shapes from flyers and gluing them onto paper would probably work.

Never Underestimate Boys' ability to Turn Everything into a Throwing/Hitting Game, that's my motto.


so many things to love... said...

Keep in mind I have 1 toddler, not 2, but I like home made salt dough, which occupies Samuel v. well. He also enjoys painting, which I do with newsprint all around only while he is strapped down into his high chair. If you need less 'paint' painting, Samuel and I have fun just with water and a brush. He also likes those spray bottles you can get at the dollar store with a bit of water in them. Spray the plants outside. Our best 'toy' is helping to clean. I bought Samuel a dustbuster vacuum and he vacuums the livingroom for me. A wet rag and he can 'dust' along with me. Just an idea. aeslane 15

lissla lissar said...

If and when I mop the floor, I let the boys help. We do a lot of play-dough, and I was thinking about salt dough for a day when I feel brave- does it keep in tupperware or ziploc bags?

Nat currently has a mania for tying things up with string, especially dangerous things, like running string across the stairs, and any water toys tend to be used to wash electronics or dump water on each other.

We have pencil crayons and crayons and use them pretty much every day. I'd like to get a couple of letter-tracing workbooks, for brief moments when my high energy levels, Nat being able to concentrate, and the girls being quiet all coincide. Nat can work very hard on things if he wants to- lego and magnetic building sets are taking up a lot of his time.

Paints are right out most of the time. I haven't found any that don't stain.

If you're doing outside water play/Montessori type activities with sponges and spoons and things, is there any way to keep them from drinking the water beside, oh, filling it with Tabasco? Sigh.