Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giving up

I have officially given up on my jeans. Last year, before I got pregnant with the twins, I was the thinnest I have been since getting married, and I got a very nice pair of new jeans. Yesterday I looked at them sadly and then put them in the Goodwill bag, along with my other pairs of jeans. They don't fit. They might fit again in a couple of years, possibly, but by then they won't be fashionable any more. So I will buy some pants for winter that fit,  free up the closet space, and stop agonizing about looking like I have had four kids in four years.

Because I have, and I am also addicted to baking gooey and sweet desserts, and finally I am carrying over thirty pounds of children around a lot and my muscles have gotten noticeably bigger. I wouldn't want to be sylph-like and not be able to lift the babies.At least not in my less shallow moments.

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