Thursday, August 16, 2012

Okay. In spite of a pretty bad night and a lot of chaos here this morning we've done crafts and played with the tinkertoys and cuddled babies and Nat and Thomas have done those coloured tile shape thingies, so I think we're good. Nat's off swimming for the afternoon and I should tidy the craft/toy explosion.

I'm trying to think of some controllable crafts that take string and don't turn it into tripwires all over the house. Maybe something for the babies or pictures to put in the windows? I am not good at kids crafts. I am good at turning them loose with a lot of crafty stuff and then having a fit at the mess. I here and now apologise to my parents for making paper, paper mache, using pastels on everything, drying berries and making pemmican, trying to make a mini flour mill, and using Vaseline to simulate lard.

Because I think the sins of the mother are being visited on the child, now that she's become a mother, because my older son loves making things more than anyone I've ever seen, and they're always interesting, weird, and frequently dangerous.

I was muttering this morning that we have two superheroes living here, Physical Affection Man and Destructive Weirdo.

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so many things to love... said...

Re: string - what about those string snowflake/star thingies where you pull the string around a bunch of sticks to weave a design? Or finger knitting! Nat might be old enough to finger knit and then you end up with a long piece that you can make into placemats. Same with spool knitting. Except then you get a tube.