Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sometimes I get very depressed about the ways I'm not doing much, educationally, for Nat, and then I remember things we've actually done that seem useful, and my mood improves.

We're still fascinated with sea molluscs, although the years-long octopus craze is lightening up (we were playing Sea Urchins and Sunflower Starfish yesterday. Nat hides under a blanket and I, the sunflower starfish, try to eat him). We're looking for standing water so I can show him mosquito larvae (yuck), and I've started reading Because of Winn-Dixie to him. I'd have thought he'd be too young but Nat's sat through a few chapters and asked me questions about the text.

In other news, my cooking morale is low, and we may eat a lot of crackers/peanut butter/fruit for the next few weeks, because that's what people like. Bah. Probably spaghetti tonight.

Oh, and because of Geoff's kale/banana smoothies, Nat uttered these unforgettable words, "Mmm, kale is yummy! It's delicious!.

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