Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being honest

I am trying to make a really extensive Costco list for a Monday or Tuesday Costco run. We've been mostly eating from the pantry and freezer for the past couple of weeks, and we're running really, low, although we'd be fine for the all-oatmeal-and-barley diet if I could convince anyone to try it.

Anyway, one of the fun (agonizing) things about feeding this many people this many meals (six a day if you count snacks, which I certainly do, because I have to think through and plan Nat's snacks)(people with larger families, feel free to laugh at me) is trying to figure out what everyone likes to eat, will eat without a lot of complaining, and the things that make everyone's eyes light up when they hit the table.

Plus trying to stave off scurvy.

In the interests of brutal honesty about food, and trying to avoid ordering expensive and usually disappointing  takeout, I have put a large quantity of frozen convenience food on the list. I'm trying to think about what I order at restaurants, what Geoff orders at restaurants, and what the kids order.

For the last year or so there's been a lot of Vietnamese/Korean ground meat, ragout, enchiladas, fried rice, mac'n'cheese, and tons of pasta in various guises. I am (see brutal honesty) going to buy frozen wings (Geoff), frozen fries (everyone), chicken burger (kids), hamburgers (everyone) Most of this stuff I can make and make better from scratch but since we're on the eight day of someone in the family being sick, and we have a thousand small kids and no time, I'm not going to.

Also on the list: tons of frozen vegetables, fresh broccoli, thousands of pounds of frozen fruit and yogurt, hemp hearts, flaxseed (for smoothies), and many boxes of cheerios. Oh, and unreasonable amounts of Parmesan.


so many things to love... said...

You know, I'll insert a completely non-helpful thought here.

It is what it is. I tell myself this sentence, like, a dozen times a day. Sometimes you're the frying pan and sometimes you're the fire. If you've got FOUR children preschool age and under, do NOT apologize for buying frozen chicken wings. 'Cause it is what it is. They have clean clothes, they have food, these are not the children of careless people. And just, you know, recognize that this is a season of life. One day you won't have four children under 5, and on that day bake a couple of casseroles and give them to the crazy-looking mom in the back of the church.

That's how I get through the day with littles. :-)

lissla lissar said...


And when my kids are grown enough that they don't need me every minute (about age thirty) I am going to take baked goods to new mother's houses, and hold the baby and clean the kitchen while they shower.