Saturday, September 15, 2012

First, I'm glad Stuart controls the internet, although he's willing to give the job up to any volunteers. Second, the week is over, even if Geoff will be away a sizeable portion of today, it's still Saturday, which is a blessing, because Thomas is still sick. I think he's still got the fever, and I think I might call Medvisit today (thank You, God, for a doctor's visit service) because he's been sick since Tuesday.

Suddenly I feel like I'm writing a Just So Story "And he has done no work since Monday, and it is now Thursday. Do you think it is right, what with the world being so new-and-all?"

Third, the East Lynn Art Show is on today, but Geoff will be at a grading and Thomas is sick, so I don't know if  I can get there without boys. Taking two very active and curious little boys (or even one) out to some place filled with breakables fills me with terror, although now that I think about it Nat might be able to behave himself, if I took him and the girlies. Hmm.

Fourth, I continue to obsessively plan and re-plan my two-carts-full Costco shopping expedidition to get the most meals out of it. Silly thing to worry about in the middle of the night when I was being woken for the forty-fifth time, but oh, well.

Fifth, which somehow ended up in the middle of the page, I made three frog-print superhero capes yesterday- one for Nat, one for Thomas, and one for Judith's older kids, Isaiah, and that's Nat modelling one. You can tell he's impressed.

Going to go sit with my poor, up early, very sick tiny boy.

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