Friday, September 21, 2012

I fell down

I fell down some of the stairs, and because I felt sorry for myself (not hurt, a few bruises and I'll feel stiff tomorrow) I made crack.

chocolate toffee crack(ers)
photo credit smitten kitchen
Chocolate caramel crackers, from Smitten Kitchen. If you haven't made them, then I envy you your first experience. I did saltines with the toffee and chocolate, but without the sliced almonds.

We all went (ALL! ALL OF US!) to the drop-in this morning, got there, and found out it was packed and no one else was allowed in. So I looked at the time, figured that everyone would leave in half an hour for lunchtime, and took us over to the schoolyard to chase pigeons. Returned to the drop-in and found it clearing out, and many Early Years Educator people willing to hold babies while the boys played an I went to the bathroom.

It's Friday, so Geoff will be home for about fifteen minutes and then leave to teach karate, and my parents will come over and bring hamburgers and help me make everyone go to bed. Bed sounds good right now. It's only three-thirty. Drat.

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