Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning routine

This is what my mornings look like:

Wake up.
Babies wake up.
Take babies downstairs, change them, cuddle them, nurse them.
Put them into appropriate holders for playing.
Check weather and email.
Rescue babies who are being eaten by wolves in the exersaucer.
Switch babies around.
Hear Thomas shouting for me.
Hear Nat thundering down the stairs.
Get Thomas, bring him downstairs.
Put on a video.
Cuddle a baby.
Make breakfast.
Try to persuade the boys to come and eat breakfast.
Put the girls in their high chairs.
Do Nat's blood sugar and check his book, decide on his dose.
Tell Thomas to stop yelling at me for juice.
Give the girls something to eat.
Fill the syringe, argue with Nat about where he's getting the injection, inject him.
Get Thomas his juice.
Give the girls back the biscuits they've dropped.
Pour cereal/oatmeal for myself.
Take Thomas's breakfast away because he's poured his juice into it.
Tell Nat that five and five and five makes fifteen.
Give the girls back their biscuits.
Pick up Elizabeth, who is crying.
Tell Thomas I'll get him down soon.
Eat a couple of bites.
Replace Elizabeth in the exersaucer.
Eat another bite.
Wipe Thomas off, arguing with him about whether it's necessary.
Get Miriam out of her chair, because she's crying.
Get Thomas down.
Shout up the stairs to Nat, who's reinventing a pipes system with the bathroom sink and also smearing toothpaste.
Eat another bite, give up.
Clear table.
Try and get everyone set up so I can put the laundry on and empty the dishwasher.
Fail. Thomas is crying because he bit Nat and Nat hit him with a lego gun.
Make peace, pick up whichever baby is crying and empty part of dishwasher.
Nurse baby.
Switch babies and nurse other baby.
Vacuum up crumbs while holding baby, other baby watches in astonishment, Thomas pushes the vacuum on/off button over and over.
Vow to finish unloading the dishwasher when the babies have their nap.
Sit on the floor with two kids on my lap, and read a book.
Tell Nat I DON'T want to look up any more pictures of centipedes on the internet.
Put on a video while I try to get babies down for their naps.

Okay, that's from seven to nine-fifteen. Even if I don't get anything else done in a day, I think I can say I am not entirely lazy.

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