Saturday, September 29, 2012

Movie cooking

I think I just promised to make ratatouille form Ratatouille for Nat tonight. It's uncomplicated, see?

ratatouille's ratatouille
photo credit: Smitten Kitchen
This is in a desperate bid to get him to love zucchini again. I think I'll do chicken with forty cloves of garlic to go with it, and buy bread. I need to pick up garlic, a yellow zucchini, and a couple of red peppers.

Pray for me.

ETA: Hah! I have a plan! After I cook these wonderful things I will use the artichoke hearts in the fridge, and the leftover chicken and garlic, to make pizza tomorrow! I am a genius! I don't like listening to the girls scream themselves to sleep when they're learning to go to sleep when not being lovingly nursed and rocked! This post was brought to you by exclamation points and lack of sleep!

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