Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sleep training

We are currently sleep training the girls, and they are not impressed. They're in separate cribs for the first time, and they are not getting nursed to sleep every time they wake up, so this may be a rough night. Miriam in particular doesn't like Lack of Mommy.

Nat has heaved a rock at a dog today and hit his brother over the head with a metal watering can. He is lucky that I still love him, because he has been a royal pain.

I have had three glasses of wine and half of the rest of the chocolate pudding, so you wouldn't believe the typos in this post before a quick, not-edit.

Watching Voyager with Geoff, and being annoyed that most people thing pique  is spelled peek.

Note: I typed this last night, and am publishing this morning, because I want a record of my terrible, awful, very bad day. You know, I had help all day yesterday, i was just depressed and nearly completely without sleep, and felt awful.

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