Friday, September 21, 2012

The complexities of trying to dress like The Doctor, Phineas, Lightning McQueen (who is a car) and Woody from Toy story all at once lead to some interesting outfit choices for my four-year-old. Especially with the frog superhero cape (ambiguous phrasing- the fabric has frogs on it) and the socks pulled up to his waist.

And makes it look like the hours and hours spent reading to him before the arrival of his sisters, in the attempt to make him all cultural and stuff, were a bit wasted.

I should totally start taking pictures for a series called They Dressed Themselves.

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KMantoan said...

I keep hoping that once my children become teenagers they'll start dressing like normal kids, or at least, in matching colors. Otherwise, I'm never going to have grandchildren. Although, a religious habit would be good too.