Monday, September 03, 2012

The decluttering hasn't finished (we haven't done the basement, shudder), but we have done most of the two floors above, and we have three bags of garbage, and eleven or twelve of stuff to donate. Six of the bags are books: things we're going to replace with intact copies (my Anne books, many other kids books, some classics), things we have duplicates or triplicates of (how many copies of LotR do we actually need?), and things we don't want/have kept to make us look smart (crummy science fiction, classics that we're never going to get into because we don't like the authors, although I think we kept Madame Bovary. I can't think why. I want to strangle the heroine).

Anyway, when we've taken everything out to the garbage/thrift store, that will be fifteen garbage bags full that are gone. That's a happy thought.

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