Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday photo takes

Nat's typography as art

Sensory rice bin: not such a hot idea

Sweet Lilibet

We can sit up! We are poised for world takeover!

Also, and this is self-serving, but if you read this, could you comment? Please? I get all these stats for people visiting, but there are no comments, and I'm beginning to wonder if the internet is making all these numbers up.


annsy said...

Comment! Cute kids you got, btw. :)

Vicky said...

I'm here!

I'm that random stat from Japan! I read your blog every time you post and think you are doing a marvellous job with your kids. I like the way you think about life!

Vicky (Hokkaido Brit in another world....)

Anonymous said...


Random visitor from Glasgow here. Found you from SDMB, where I only lurk, and enjoy reading about your lovely kids and Canadian life.


Stuart said...

I make the numbers up.
I make all the numbers up.

lissla lissar said...

Wow, all of them? I guess you control the internet, then, Stuart. Shouldn't you be packing frantically? Congratulations on your move tomorrow!

Vicky and stargazer, hello! Nice to see you! Thanks, Vicky.

Louise, nice to meet you. Huh. I hadn't thought of 'Canadian' as one of my interesting qualities. What's your Straight Dope handle? Mine's obvious.

Anyone else lurking out there?

so many things to love... said...

Oooo! memememe! I'm here! Just, you know, hanging out.

Ruth said...

I check in about every day, I just lurk though. Love seeing pics of the kids, they're all growing so quickly it seems. BTW, I think I might try that birthday cake you linked to a couple of posts ago, it sounds scrumptious!!

sdmb tarragon918

Stuart said...

I do control the intermet.

It's, uh... A lot of work.


Anyone like to take over running the Internet? It's, uh...


GT said...

I check in often as well. I love the magnetic letters, by the way. Pretty design.

lissla lissar said...

Nat just told me that the design is a butterfly. Interesting.

Hi, gardentraveler!

Anonymous said...


Louise here. I'm GCU Stout Heart on the SDMB but I haven't posted in years, I'm far too shy! I find your Canadian-ness interesting because the TV over here is full of American programmes, so US culture is quite well known to me, but day-to-day Canadian life is much more of a novelty! I realise, of course, that your life represents only a tiny glimpse of Canada, as mine is just a tiny part of the mosaic of Scottish life. But the differences and similarities are really interesting.


lissla lissar said...

So interesting! That's one of the things I like about reading about other, similar, cultures, too- it's all familiar and then there's this jolt of unfamiliarity. Like, for almost everyone else in the world, our refrigerator which is right now stacked with BAGS OF MILK.