Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To the sound of the water running upstairs

I remember that I wanted to say we had a very good time with Hugh, who brought us these horrible cookies that no one could stand, even the children. They're birthday cake Oreos, and Hugh, who delights in foods which have no connection with nature couldn't eat them, and my kids spat them out. Really. Nat chewed a piece and then dribbled it into his hand. Thomas wouldn't eat them at all.

Hugh's always good for weird and contrarian views, and so I've spent since Sunday beating myself against his arguments for why women shouldn't receive equal pay for equal work, which is a dumb position. Reasons: women don't like to work outside the home as much as men do, and therefore do less work of worse quality than men. This is stupid, but asserting it's stupid didn't win me the argument.

Do I make him sound awful? Because he's not. He's funny and self-deprecating, and has a great and sincere interest in other people, and is very intelligent. He's just unfortunately an idiot about some things.

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