Sunday, October 28, 2012

All evenings should end with massage and wine

Our friend Laura (massage therapist) came over last night to help us spend up our massage therapy covereage. Got kids to bed, poured wine all round, and got professional massages in our living room. Again. I read part of Make the Bread.. aloud during Geoff's massage, and I don't think it helped either him or Laura relax because they were shaking with laughter. It was the bit about the Hare Krishna ducks lock-stepping around the yard.

Unfortunately woke up with a terrible sick headache. Not a hangover- I only had half a glass of wine, but the girls nursed a ton in the night and dehydrated and didn't get much sleep. We're staying home and watching videos and playing playdough and reading some Bible stories today. No chance we're dragging the kids out in the torrential downpour anywhere vaguely church-related.

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