Monday, October 22, 2012

Better than yesterday

A lot better, although I'm incredibly tired and don't have much patience. Everything is clean here, Geoff is out for a walk with Nat, and Trixie has Thomas outside playing. Girls are asleep, and I should be, but I'm too buzzed on tiredness to settle down.

Leftovers and homemade granola for dinner. Or something.

Works of art.
Oh, and yesterday Cynthia brought the quilts over. Cynthia has not only been with me for the birth of all our children, she has also lovingly made all of them beautiful quilts. Miriam's is on the left, Lilibet's on the right. They are stunning.Thomas sleeps with his every night, and I'm going to make sure the girls do, too.


Anonymous said...

The quits are gorgeous. I love hand made items, and it's great that you're teaching your kids to appreciate things that others have put time, energy, and love into making for them.


Anonymous said...

Yay quilts, yay babies on quilts, yay babies under quilts, don't have another baby just yet, I need a recovery period. There were two this time. - Love Cynthia