Thursday, October 18, 2012

Completely lovely day

Yesterday was very high energy and great. The boys had a playdate with their friend Isabel, I had help cleaning the house, and Alicia and Richard brought Theresa and Annalise to play all afternoon and evening. The children achieved orbital escape-level velocity, and the highlight was probably going upstairs to find the three oldest on top of the dresser in the boys' room snaffling granola bars and shredding kleenex. And about to get the china piggybank down from the highest part of the shelves.

We had leftover pot roast and homemade mac'n'cheese for dinner, and duck, lentil, barley, a nd carrot soup for lunch.

They had a really good time, and Alicia went to Geoff's tai chi class and Cynthia arrived.

Today has been spent puttering quietly, because yesterday was so extremely busy. We'd done laundry and cleaning things and the babies had baths, and Phyllis came over and helped me fold, organize, and eat some of the apricot almond cake I baked yesterday.

Now I should corral my boys and feed them leftovers, because Geoff's at the dojo and I am PUTTING ALL THE CHILDREN TO BED ON MY OWN, which does not fill me with joy. On the bright side, Aslan has risen from the dead and played with Susan and Lucy. Must hold on to my memory of Nat's reaction. It was good.

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