Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elizabeth is on the loose!

Watch out- she's coming for you! Very slowly, and in sort of a hitch-crawl-scoot sort of way. But she is coming, with her tongue sticking out, which is what she does when she's pleased. Miriam has started pulling up so she's probably only a week away from the same motion, and then they will be a fearsome, slow-moving team of bottom-feeders. This means I'll have to keep the floors cleaner.

I was reading about Jennifer Reese's ( macaroni and cheese with curry seasonings, and that makes me want to try mac'n'cheese with butter chicken sauce incorporated. Cheddar and curry go really nicely, and butter chicken is one of my favourite things in the whole world. Apparently i'm the first one to consider this, because I can't get anything out of googling 'butter chicken macaroni and cheese'. Look:

A perfect food
Another perfect food

I'm thinking about it seriously. I should also think seriously about cleaning up from lunch, cleaning up the post-squid-costume-making mess, and eating some of the salted caramel ice cream that Alicia made and brought with her yesterday.

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