Friday, October 05, 2012

Go away, daytime

Terrible horrible night with the girls fussing and kicking and shouting. In spite of this I got up and made breakfast including strawberry smoothies and read a psalm to the boys, so even if the rest of the day is videos it's a win. Also we have read some nursery rhymes and I got Nat to respond, back and forth, with the next line.

I need (need is too strong a word). I would like to find a chart showing kingdom-phylum-class-species etc. but I haven't yet. Will work on this, and Google will be my friend.

Things Nat's been doing that are sort of schooly or purposeful (not that unstructured play isn't purposeful. It is. Also, I've been mulling over the definition Geoff found of play as activity for itself's sake, without a predetermined end. I think it's interesting but too narrow). Anyway, I'm more than usually stream-of-conciousness owing to no sleep, but here's the list:

Watching the truly enormous spider outside the diningroom window, and talking about spiders
Cutting up lots of paper, making drawings and cutting them out (fine motor control)
Practising writing his name
Doing tons of mental math. I wonder about some multiplication chants or something.
Spelling things on the fridge with the magnetic letters

Look, I'm educating him. I have just been reading about carefully kept nature journals and narration journals and I was feeling depressed about how I don't delight in total order, but it appears we are actually doing stuff besides watching videos. I am pleased.

And here's a neat visual for the kingdoms of living things:


Steph said...

Like the kingdom visual. Nice.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..