Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy A1c levels

Nat's clinic visit went very well, and Thomas was impressed with Sick Kids hospital's video games, freely available in the endocrine section. We talked to his dietitian and doctor, agreed to up his daytime and bedtime snack, and talked to Nat about changing his injection areas to his legs and butt to give his arms a rest.

We're having pasta with smoked duck and peas in a cream sauce for dinner and I'm making stock with the carcass and trying to ignore a headache. I was so anxious about all the details about going to clinic and leaving the girls that I dreamed about taking the duck apart last night. It did not beat my dream the previous night, which was arguing with Matt Smith

This is Matt Smith
in a maternity store during a hostile alien takeover. Or something.

Girls are crying, and I have to go eat popcorn  and not kill Nat for shouting.

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