Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I cut my hair

I did actually do the flip-forward haircut, but heeding Isabelle's advice made sure that the shortest layer was long enough to tie back, with the result that Geoff didn't notice I'd cut eight inches off. It's just about waist length at the longest bit, and just past my shoulders at the shortest. I'll probably even it out to mid-back soon. I think I like it, and it makes it a little less frizzy. I envy people with straight hair or curls. I have neither.

I can't provide pictures right now because I can't find the camera cable, although I have found four different other cables, all within easy reach, sigh.

Today I took all four children to the farmer's market and library on my own, and got them all home again. It's about six or seven blocks each way, with one in carrier, one in stroller, and one on running board, plus Nat walking beside and helpfully dragging his weight on the stroller handle. The twins are over thirty pounds together, and Thomas weighs thirty-five, and we bought a pumpkin, and the stroller probably weighs ten. Nat's about forty-five. So I've done my workout for today.


Sally Thomas said...

I've done that haircut, and I have that hair, too, though it's gotten curlier as I've gotten older (or else I just don't brush it as much, leaving the curls in).

lissla lissar said...

It's a bit odd to have hair that with gradations from shoulder- to waist- length, which is why I'll probably trim it a little.

I think I like the layers, although I'm waiting to see if it actually encourages me to leave my hair down, something I never do. My thinking was- shorter in front, less likely to wrap itself around everything and tangle my hands.