Sunday, October 07, 2012


I did have a nap yesterday, and Indian takeout, and reasonably well-behaved children who were fairly nice to be with, so it was a win. The chocolate steamed pudding thing would have been a little better if I hadn't forgotten the sugar, but as it was it was still really good- it's about half chopped bittersweet chocolate, and a quarter butter, so it's just dark and adult-dessert-tasting instead of gooey and sweet.

Today we are having Ye Olde Hakka Chinese Takeout for Thanksgiving dinner, plus pumpkin pie, with my parents here, and all the adults moderating the small-child chaos.

Geoff bought me two books I'd wanted for my birthday, whose titles I could check if I got up, but I'm at the computer, so I won't. One is certainly Why Gender Matters by the author or Boys Adrift. I'm re-reading Real Learning, by Elizabeth Foss, and a book on children and discipline, and Geoff's just been talking about light and quantum theory and particle physics, and I feel like I'm taking in a great deal I haven't digested at all yet, but it's a good feeling. The first time I read Real Learning it created a huge feeling of unreality (hah!) because I had the desire to homeschool but no experience at all with small children, so I could have very well been reading about the engineering needed to produce habitable geodesic domes on Mars, and I wouldn't have noticed, because my lack of comprehension was nearly complete. This time I can see how things would work, at least for the next couple of years (although her neatness and natural organization is pretty intimidating for me).

I don't see myself doing carefully organized nature notebooks for some time. I can see how they'd be desirable, but I am not capable of that kind of structure right now.

I'm trying (out of the Child Psychology Book) to treat my children more like humans and less like belligerent automatons. It's going okay so far.

Thomas wants to alternate kissing me all over my knees a al Gomez Addams and push buttons on the keyboard, and he and Nat both need toileting assistance, so I should go now. Right NOW. Bye.

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