Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Should I do this to my hair?

Talk me out of this:

My first reaction was, "What a terrible idea", but since I've been trimming my hair myself for several years, and I've had long hair (waist-length) since I started growing it out at age fifteen or so. I turn thirty-four on Saturday (buy me nice and expensive presents!) and want something different. I think. I'm all conflicted about it.


so many things to love... said...

Ok. Well, I can't tell you if you *should* or not, but I can tell you a personal anecdote. Every once in a while I go through the "AGGGHHH I must do something to my hair!" crisis. I then do something to my hair. And I regret it. Every time. The truth is that I like having long, straight, thick hair. I like that. And it's okay that I like that. I don't 'have' to do something else. What I have discovered about myself is that doing something to my hair is usually the socially accepted way that I want to do something to my appearance in general. And there are significantly less drastic ways to do it. Next time I feel that urge, I'm going to go all over PInterest looking for new ways to put my hair up, buy new hair clips, put a streak of purple in it, whatever. But don't cut it.

lissla lissar said...

I appreciate the anecdote. The thing is, I haven't done anything to my hair (except dye purple streaks in it, which didn't show up much because my hair is pretty much black) SINCE I WAS FIFTEEN. It's been a long, long time.

I like having long hair, and I'm not think about cutting it any shorter than shoulder-length, but if I cute it to mid-back with layers, I figure it will grow back to my waist in a year, and if I hate the layers I can have it cut straight across.

I've been thinking about cutting it for more than a year. I practically never pay attention to it aside from putting it up out of the way, or washing it, and I just feel... like making it less long and tangely.

This is called 'way overthinking decisions'.

Steph said...

I did it to my hair. I cut it REALLY short - like around my ears short. 16 inches off. BAM. It wasn't too bad - looked really "cute" actually... HOWEVER: I have this skinny, narrow, tiny little face, my hair is baby fine, and I got someone professional to do it. I also spent hours looking at pictures first, and deciding what might look the best. Haven't done it again since. I miss my really amazingly long hair. Having in-between hair is fine and dandy, but it's not extraordinary. It's not daring-short either. It does save a little brushing time, but not huge quantities. I still have to use fairly inordinate amounts of conditioner too. I say, determine how you will feel best when wearing your hair - ie - the look you want, and spouse's taste, and what you like when you see it on other people your size and shape, etc. then do that. Or shave it right off and invest in several creative wigs. Make sure you have some in fluorescent colours, (especially pink), curls, flatiron straight, etc. You could add to the thrilling experience by giving yourself an extra tall, spiky Mohawk along the way. Use porcupine quills as an earring substitute during this time, and the twins will never pull on your earrings again... Wait... Do you wear earrings? I can't remember. Oh yes... Also have Geoff install special openings in the door frames of your house, so you don't have to bend your head over when traveling from room to room carrying your babies.

lissla lissar said...

This is great advice. I will definitely do a Mohawk.

This is difficult. I think I would like something different, but I don't want any extra upkeep (bonus for having really long hair- can trim yourself easily).

Isabelle said...

I say go for it... I'd suggest avoiding trimming TOO much off, tho, in order to avoid ending up with the Dreaded Pyramid Of Doom that will happen to anyone without perfectly dead straight hair (I've been there. It's not pretty.)

Unless you're dressing up as a poodle or as one of the Bronte sister for Halloween, in which case you can just make big curl poofs on either side and pretend it was intentional. Otherwise, venture higher than shoulder-length in the front at your own risk.

(Again, speaking for all-too painful experience.)

Thankfully, it's just hair, so it does grow back if you totally hate it.

lissla lissar said...

This is true. I was thinking below-shoulder for all of it so I can tie it back, and if I hate it I can have it all cut off to mid-back length.

Unless I do a Mohawk and have Geoff raise the doorways.

Steph said...

Please be sure to include photos, if you do the Mohawk.