Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sitting in the rocker

Miriam had a late evening nap,so she had trouble settling at bedtime. I went up to her and nursed and rocked a few times, and the last time just held her, rocked gently, and watched the light moving across the curtains next to the glider. We got the glider as a group present from my Dad's family after Nat was born, and I've held and nursed three other babies in it since. It's a good one to sleep in if you're holding a fussy infant, although I haven't tried it with both the girls because one of them would fall out, and they were great sleepers as tiny babies anyway.

The glider's right next to the window right now, and I was watching the pattern on the curtains, which are made out of the a Celtic knotwork blanket I got Geoff on our honeymoon, almost ten years ago. It was maroon, with the knotwork in black, but the red's faded to a sort of salmon colour. Whatever they used for the pattern print is still very black, and looks sort of like a cross between odd sideways happy faces and some kind of Haida or Tlingit pattern, but interlaced. It's raining tonight, and I could hear it hitting the window. Fall rain sounds a little different from summer rain. I think colder, and certainly gentler. We're not likely to get many more warm days, and it'll go below zero before long. The vines covering the house are red and gold. I like fall. I'm not looking forward to the semi-houseboundness of winter, but I am hoping for some snowy days so we can play in the yard.

Thomas exemplifies dignity
We were given some nice hand-me-down Halloween costumes- the kind that are like fleece snowsuits, and Thomas fought his way into one rated for six to twelve months, which had to be pried off him at bathtime. It can to his knees and was more form-fitting than any fleece snowsuit should be. He's a very proud little frog in the above picture.

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