Monday, October 01, 2012


We're out of Orange Pekoe!!!!! Help!

Fine, I'll be fine, I have Bukinghamshire Black and Genmaicha and Jasmine and I'll be fine...

(Sound of dying on the floor from lack of tea.)

This is mostly a problem because we re-watched the most recent episode of Doctor Who last night when the children are in bed (the better to hear the actual dialogue. When we watch it en famille Thomas talks and Nat sings the theme really loudly over and over) and I cried again, because I am a member of the Hallmark Suck Club.

Nancy and Trixie are coming today so the house will be very clean this afternoon and I may have time to sit down and read, which means more Lion, Witch, and probably some Church Mouse books. It's not exactly that I don't have time on days with less help, it's just that I want to spend every single spare moment I have either cleaning, hiding inside the internet, or hiding inside books. I'm getting out of the habit of reading aloud to Nat and Thomas all the time and i have to work on that.

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