Tuesday, October 09, 2012

This evening

I had Thomas and the girls to myself- Geoff and Nat were out at karate- so I did the obvious thing and looked up bellydance videos on Youtube and criticized them to my two-year-old: "Look at her! She's not dancing! I was better than that and I wasn't glitzed up at some award ceremony somewhere! Her isolation sucks!"

The girls were deeply impressed that I can still bellydance, although my isolation kind of sucks, post four children and only three dance lessons in five years. They liked the Arabic music I put on, although Thomas, our resident music-hater, told me repeatedly to stop it and return the house to the silence for which he longs, broken only by Elizabeth's constant air-horn noises.

That seemed like a Stephen Leacockian sentence, similar to "He flung himself onto his horse, and rode off madly in all directions'.

Tired. Bed?

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