Friday, October 12, 2012

Very good muffins, also quick takes

1.Muffins as in baked goods, not muffins as in my kids. I made some muffins out of the leftover breakfast oatmeal and added eggs and flour and oil and peanut butter and chocolate chips, and I think I've eaten ten but that's okay because Thomas, who is only two, has eaten five, and I'm five times his size.

2. We had a great time with Lorraine and a good visit with Judith and Isaiah and Aaron (who smiles, sleeps, and nurses). I'm trying to get my head around menu planning for the next about ten days when Geoff will be mostly away due to grading and teaching and dojo stuff. We must find something better than unending frozen pizza.

3. I want a Laundry Fairy. I can handle the washing and folding but someone else must put it away.

4. I've been thinking a lot about intention behind speech. When I'm having these elaborate pre-conversations in my head before I see someone (yes, I do this), I'm trying to consider why I want to say the things I'm planning (part of it is because any chance at adult conversation requires excitement and detail-focused planning). Am I complaining? Being nasty about someone or something? Pretending to be humble while actually praising myself? Intentionality, examination of the motives, thought.

5. What can I make with mushroom and beef bolognese sauce that's interesting, or should I just do fusili and call it a day?

6. Reading Why Gender Matters. Did you know girls have better hearing than boys? It's true. Interesting book.

7. My former co-worker Stacey Madden has just released his first novel, Poison Shy, and Geoff just finished reading it and says it's excellent and Flannery o'Connor-esque, so I think that's going on my pile of books to read.


Christine Falk Dalessio said...

I want a laundry fairy too.

Thanks for the book recommendation too - love O'Connor, so it's definitely worth a try on one of the days I'm not reading for class!

lissla lissar said...

Oh, hello! Did you find your way over via Conversion Diary? Nice to meet you!