Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We continue the obession

Nathaniel wants the family to be cephalopods  for Halloween. He'll be a giant squid, Geoff will be a Gianter Squid, Thomas will be an octopus, and the girls will be chambered nautilises. I am to be a cuttlefish.

Can I borrow some time from anyone in the next week, so I can do this? I sort of think the squid and octopus might not be too hard, and if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. And tentacles.

Also, Nat confidently assured both me and Judith that apricots are a type of crustacean today.


Steph said...

If I were sure of jumping from 2 to 6 kids in one day, I would come and help out... Just to see all you guys dressed up as those things. Somehow, I don't think I'm quite as heroic as you on the mom front though. Not yet, anyway. Hope it works out. :)

Tentacles: All I can think of is stuffed stockings or thigh socks, those long balloons you're supposed to fold into animals, vynil dryer duct, artificial leis, foam pipe insulation, (which could be stuffed with some sturdy bailing wire), or just a fleece blanket wrapped around the waist or chest, and cut into appropriately shaped strips. You could cut a potato into the right shape, and use it as a stamp for painting on the succers. For the girls, chair cushion foam, cut into narrowing triangular strips and stitched into a sort of mass that sits on their laps, (or something more natural for chewing purposes, especially if the twins have teeth). Cream coloured hair scrunchies, opened up and Lightly stuffed? White rope, carefully knotted at the ends? Mop from dollar store, knotted? Off-white rubber tubing, from the hardware store? They will enjoy trying to eat the tentacles, all evening. I frequently feel very sorry for babies I see wearing some Halloween contraptions. Maybe something interesting to chew on will compensate.

There's a simple looking squid hat on Flickr: "squid hat costume by hine", that could probably be made out of fleece, and might even be pulled off as a winter hat... When he's not at school... Wait... Nat doesn't go to school... Www.craftycrafty.tv/2012/05/kooky_craft_handmade_squid_hat.html

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Good luck.

lissla lissar said...

Cripes, you're hired.

I really like the hat. I've been thinking about cardboard and paper mache but fabric and stuffing would be easier. I think.

I'll do octopus and squid but I'm not doing chambered nautilises, although it would probably be cute. Dressing babies in complicated costumes is the fast road to despair and PPD.

Steph said...

That's why I'm dressing Chloe up as a pipefish this year. It entails some shrinking of bulges, and is otherwise very simple. Not true, actually. We are going this year as invisible girl, Mr. Nobody, the Flash (when he's running), and water vapor. You won't be able to see us as we go trick or treating. Charlie got so scared of the costumes in walmart a couple of weeks ago,, that he wanted to leave the store immediately, and had nightmares for two days. Seeing as he doesn't really know what Halloween is, we're just skipping the additional nightmare encouragement and the candy-that-will-be-highly-coveted-at-highly-inopportune-times. Looking forward to seeing how your costumes turn out.

Good luck.

lissla lissar said...

How old is Charlie now? We had post-Halloween nightmares when Nat was about two.

A small child is spelling on the fridge and singing phonetically. He's really loud. Weird kid.

Someone gave us a monkey costume I can use for Thomas if I run out of enthusiasm after making Nat's outfit, because Thomas doesn't care yet. We won't reach the age of Highly Opinionated about Costumes till next year with him.

Steph said...

Charles turned 3 in August. He's a very cautious type, so things like nightmares come easily for him. He's been having them since he was two though. He was petrified about the Count's bats, and no amount of discussion could convince him that they weren't going to come and stake out our house. Does Nat still get nightmares?

Charlie can sometimes be incredibly loud too. The idea seems to be finding exactly the resonant pitch of the room he's in, and then outputting the biggest vocal volume possible, usually accompanied by a banging of metal objects, or erratic running about. Must be a small boy thing. I've noticed that it occurs most frequently when I'm on the phone, or trying to put the baby to sleep however, which could indicate an attention seeking strategy. He sometimes stops when I tell him that if he wants my attention, he can just come over and tell me. Sometimes, it indicates a suppressed need for toilet use.