Monday, November 05, 2012

A Good Day

Got to the drop-in with the boys, talked about Guy Fawkes Day and Remembrance day with Nat, which tied in nicely with the World War II imagery in The Lion, the Witch etc. at least in the movie, had Trixie here most of the afternoon and evening helping, and have acquired a three pound bag of peeled garlic cloves.

Made spaghetti sauce with the sauteed chard I was trying to use up, and ended up throwing in extra ingredients sort of at random to kill the chard taste. I think it worked pretty well. It's tomato and beef with mushrooms, red peppers, chard, lots of beef concentrate, lots of tomato paste, and some other things i don't remember. I'll do a layered pasta with some of the leftovers.

I tried to get them both to listen to me reciting  In Flanders Fields but that didn't go so well. Maybe next year.

Nat sounded out 'Welcome'  on a sign and wanted to look up whether starfish have eyes, and it turns out they do, sort of. They've got light-sensing organs under their skin on the ends of their legs. So now you know, and we do, too.

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