Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My house smells like curry. I made dal yesterday, in response to Alicia's answer to my question- what's a savoury, handehld breakfast that doesn't take any cooking? Her answer- put whatever you ate for dinner in a tortilla. I thought about putting a slice of cheesecake in a tortilla, but there was something unappealing

abut that.

So dal it is. I will wrap it in a tortilla.

We had a brilliant but hectic day on Monday, with grocery shopping and visits. Alicia and Richard have two children, and we have four, but when they're together it seems like about twenty. Very exciting. Our new table got a workout.

It's two weeks to Niagara and four weeks to Christmas, five weeks to Cynth and Stuart's wedding, and seven weeks till Nat's fifth birthday? I think? I feel like there's tons of things I should do, but in the spirit of St. Therese I think I will focus on getting the laundry away, because it's a little task that I can do without complaining. Or try, anyway.

Which reminds me that I think I will give people books I like for Christmas. So there's going to be some Sally Thomas (she blogs at Castle in the Sea), some Jennifer Reese ( and some Heather King (Shirt of Flame) going around. It's like supporting small community. This is my small community- it's online.

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