Monday, November 19, 2012

Feelings of dread

Does anyone else out there face a fridge full of stuff with feelings of dread? I am a pretty good cook, and I generally like to cook, but I think I get bored with what's in my fridge and yearn for novelty or change or, really, takeout, rather than actually cooking.

I think this feeling has intensified since I've been faced with picky small children who need to be fed a bazillion times a day.

We're going to the big Chinese/ Indian grocery store today, and my grocery list includes star anise, naan, cabbage, broccoli, curry leaves, Korean pepper paste. When I'm there I usually get overenthusiastic about vegetables because their veg are so cheap, and end up with more than I can realistically eat. I'm going to try for restraint.

Meal list:
Mince and potatoes
pork ragu
Shepherd's pie
chicken cacciatore

And now I have Thomas and Nat and both girls shouting, so that's enough planning for now.

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