Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am not crafty

I am good at making things, but I am not crafty- by which I mean, I can't do cute or seasonal, and therefore the Advent exchange I signed up for is giving me panic attacks, although I now know I'm going to send chai, jasmine tea with cardamon (it doesn't sound terrible) and a sari from my stash.

It's about this colour:

Mostly the pink with the green more of a seafoam or aqua, and lots of gold thread. It's beautiful but I am never going to use it, and I compulsively buy thrifted sari fabric at the thrift store near the local East Indian area. Even though it's gorgeous I am never going to use it and should pass it along. Sob.

So I will.

It's not Christmassy but it is very festive and could be used to make many, many things.

And Geoff won't let me hang up a fuschia sari in the bedroom because it is so very girly. He's okay with the red and black and gold one.


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so many things to love... said...

Oh my goodness why aren't you MY partner!! (ps - Kim will love it.)