Friday, November 23, 2012

No one died

We all survived today, even though I felt like crap for most of it. Everyone was fed and most of the kids wore clothes. I cooked three and a half pounds of peeled garlic cloves in butter and olive oil, put them in jars, and froze them, so now they're out of my fridge.

We watched movies and read a few books and I refused to do a lot of fun high-energy cooking that Nat wanted. The girls both pulled themselves to standing today, so I think they're going to skip crawling and work on walking.

I have wine in the fridge, a full dishwasher to unload, and I should empty the green bin and worry about whether the girls are eating too much solid food, because that's a useful activity, right?

"Send help! I am clearly starving! Also this woman doesn't always cuddle me!'

Poor neglected baby Lilibet. She has a hard life.

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GT said...

Also, she has an air of "I could do her job so much better." :)