Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Repost of the Song of Small Round Objects:

I can't figure out where I have this video on my hard drive, or how to copy and paste it, but this is Nat, aged less than two years, singing to his peas. I want to show him this tomorrow morning. My word, he looks and sounds like Thomas now: here he is, very small and loud.

And now I should clean up from dinner while I wonder how to treat baby constipation- take them off solids for a day? Only give them fibre-rich and liquidy things? Dunno.


Steph said...

You can feed them dried prunes, if you've got them around. If the girls are good at chewing, then you can rip one in half, and squeeze out the inside parts in tiny little bits. (A prune. Must be clear about this distinction). Let the babies mouth the bits off the end of your finger. Your hands will be a sticky mess, but easier to wash than baby clothes. Avoid refined, starchy carbs. Apples are supposed to be constipating, but apple cider is supposed to help things move. Go figure. Good luck.

lissla lissar said...

I was thinking about that, and/or prune juice, in very small quantities. Also with yogurt for digestive problems, hummus, and broccoli. It's a pity, because refined carbs are the fastest meal option they can eat, although I could cook and keep a lot of broccoli around.

I was wondering about putting them back on all breastmilk for a day, but it might mean a lot more nursing (it's about 1/3 solids right now) and I'm not sure how I'd cope.

Steph said...

Yes. I can picture them going every 20 minutes, day and night, to bring your supply back up. Sounds like joy for everyone. Hope your efforts work out.